UVibe U Ring - Display of 36

Penis Enhancement

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The uVIBE U-RING is a super-safe, stretchy enhancement ring designed to comfortably fit all sizes and help maintain a firmer and fuller erection during sex. The added pleasure knobs help provide a tighter and more secure fit. By constricting blood flow and keeping blood in the shaft of the penis, the specially designed Uâ ¢RING helps to keep the erection harder and firmer for a longer period of time. Users will also experience a more powerful orgasmic release while using the U-RING. The uRing comes in a display pack of 36 individually packaged uRINGS. The box is classy and the brand, as with all Forta products, does not feature any nudity or offensive markings. URINGS comes in pink, aqua, and clear and are randomly assorted in the display pack.

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